AgroLab Inc. was established in 2010 and has become an important part of the Agricultural and Turf businesses within the Mid-Atlantic region

AgroLab Inc is a turn-key lab for agronomist and farmers. Typical services include the following:
  • Agriculture Soil Analysis: Soil fertility, soil nitrate (such as pre-sidedress soil nitrate) and more.
  • Golf Course, Turf and Lawn care samples are common and reports provide fertility data along with areas of concern such as salts.
  • Plant Analysis: A wide variety of plant tissue samples are analyzed for monitoring the plants nutrient content Detailed graphic reports associate nutrient levels to the expected sufficiency levels for healthy plant growth.
  • Stalk Nitrate Analysis: The end of season stalk nitrate test is a common test which provides corn growers an end of season evaluation of the plants nitrogen uptake.
  • Manure Analysis: Solid, liquid and slurry manures are analyzed to provide a very detailed report. Practical values are provided to include available nutrients per ton, per 1,000 gallons and per acre inch.
  • Water reports: Livestock/Poultry drinking water, irrigation water, pond water and a wide variety of water samples are analyzed to monitor and or diagnose water issues.
  • Fertilizer analysis for nutrient content.
  • Compost and other organic products to include analysis such as fertility, ash, carbon and more.
  • Growth media for greenhouse operations that prefer a saturated paste test for nutrients.